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Pets are our precious friends. Not only they save us from loneliness, but also show us unconditional love and support. They are special and irreplaceable.


To improve the quality of life of owners and pets, Waylun Corp. promise to produce the highest quality daily necessities for cats and dogs, so that they can be happy, healthy and safe and stay intimately connected with your family!


Since our company, Waylun Corp., is founded, we have always been dedicated to care for our pets, to love them, and to give them the best of everything.


As to achieve that, we are determined to seek high-quality pet products around the world, also to develop and produce promising products to support better lives of our pets.


In Waylun Corp., we offer a large variety of products including, food, snacks, toys, health care tools, etc, to take care of the the needs of pets of different ages, weights, preferences and personality.


We understand pets are the closest companions of us human, they give us endless happiness and will accompany us for a lifetime and we know that what we can reciprocate is to do our best to care for them.


We, Waylun Corp., will keep this in mind and promise to continue to seek for the best.


Waylun Corp.

President & Representative Director

Poon Hoi Lun Helen

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